Celebrating 100 Years in Sarnia!

The Sarnia Centennial Committee would like to thank all the volunteers, citizens and all the other awesome people that made the year of celebrations so awesome! We’ll likely not be here the next time we get to celebrate 100 years in our beautiful city but we are committed to making sure the excellence and the memories of this great town are kept safe and preserved online!

slide08Thanks To Our Sponsors

We put on tons of events, and we were extremely lucky to have several sponsors help us with the financial and logistical costs of putting on events of these scale. We’d like to thank Matrix Repairs for their continued financial and moral support through the organizing phase. They offer Canada’s most reliable iPhone and iPad repair and have locations in Toronto, Edmonton and Winnipeg. View their website here and show them some love and appreciation!

Celebrating 100 Years in Sarnia, ON

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